I am a lecturer, an entrepreneur and an all-round, self-confessed, completely unashamed education geek

I’ve been teaching enterprise and entrepreneurial skills for almost a decade now, and I currently lecture at a number of institutions around the UK, delivering across a range of course including The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Business Modelling, Business Strategy, and Business Planning. I also mentor a number of start-up businesses and consult on business growth ad development for a range of companies

In a nutshell, my twin passions of business and education have led me to become an expert in the field of entrepreneurship. My unique experience as both a practitioner and educator enables me to help people to successfully create, grow and develop their professional ventures. I’m incredibly driven by an experiential approach to learning that helps people to bring their ideas to life, and I believe that entrepreneurship is, and should be, for anyone and everyone.

My career has also helped to distinguished me from others in my field. I’ve racked up a decent number of national awards, directorships and publications over the years, and have the press to prove it too. However, whilst it’s amazing to feel like I’ve achieved some of my professional goals and get some seriously good stuff under my belt, I’m also extremely ambitious and keen to grow and develop. Even now I still see myself as ‘starting out’; I may be the teacher, but you are forever a student, and my philosophy is to always keep learning. I give lectures, but I attend them too, along with training courses and workshops, and reading absolutely everything enterprise-related that I can get my mitts on (I told you I was an education geek). This website is a space for me to start taking this knowledge and experience and bringing all of the elements of my different careers together

Unless stated otherwise, all material on this site is presented under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence. This means that you are free to share and adapt my work as you wish, so long as you attribute it fully, and that you share your derivatives in a similar manner.